Social media networks are important advertising platforms that increase visibility. We develop editorial calendars, plan publications, manage pages (comments, messages, etc.), generate content from outside the pages and recommend other actions relating to community management.

We believe that a remarkable web presence can make a considerable difference for any business. How do we get there?

  1. With the quality of the content created
  2. With the authentic personality conveyed
  3. With diligence and commitment.

A high-quality web presence has a considerable impact for all businesses. In order to maximize the advertising efforts and to ensure the publications and promotion attempts aren’t spoiled, media relations are vital. Media relations are relevant when making an announcement, launching a product or a project, sharing important news or getting in touch with the media, both print and digital. We want the media to disclose the news.

Here’s what this service includes:

  1. Targeting relevant media
  2. Ensuring the quality of the press release (content and form)
  3. Providing an impeccable follow-up to obtain proportional benefits aligned to the pre-defined objectives.
Content writing

The quality of the content is fundamental in web marketing. We create editorial or graphic content to direct consumers to your pages.

  1. Newsletter: it favors customer loyalty, gives exclusive discounts, announces promotions or special events, etc.
  2. The editorial content: for blogs or websites, or even for press releases, content writing must be grammatically impeccable, informative and should generate interest quickly.
  3. Contenu graphique: Graphic content : photos retouches, montages, logo creation, etc. Images with unique graphic quality define great branding strength.
Consultation and training
Event planning