Why collaborate with CHAD?

To ensure you receive a customized approach aligned with your needs and your reality. To work with a team of experts available during every step of the conception. To benefit from a wide range of options from different creative fields. We will support you to establish your most daring strategies and watch them flourish.

Personalized approach

Every customer is assured to receive services specifically designed to his needs and reality. Every project is unique and has its own creation process.

Team of experts

You will be working with a whole passionate team specialized in community management, redaction, strategy,  translation, video and graphic design.

Turnkey projects

We will be in charge of everything. From building the strategy to content creation, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Social media management

From developing editorial calendars to planning posts, managing pages and generating content from outside the pages, social media management is the perfect service to guarantee a remarkable web presence that makes a considerable difference for your business.

Media relations

Whether it is to announce great news, to organize a major event, to search for a brand ambassador or to create a 2.0 campaign leveraging web influencers, media relations are ideal for gaining optimum media coverage.

Additional services

To complete your communication and marketing operations, we provide content creation, social media management training, website development, video conception and other related propositions.

CHAD's team!

A driven and passionate team of communication experts specialized in writing, management, graphic design, translation, and more.

team image
Chloé Ratté, Jessica Garneau, Joëlle Desrosiers, Léa Peruzzo, Roosa Maunula